Saves in files with an AXL extension.  The file produced is an XML file.
Files may be saved in bitmap format or Rationale 1.1
Save As will save in the formats:
  • Windows Bitmap format (BMP)
  • Portable Network Graphics (PNG)
  • JPEG
  • GIF
File / Save As / File type / Rationale 1.1 saves in the Rationale *.rtnl format. The file is in Reason mode.
Rationale has three modes of operation: Outline, Reasoning and Analysis.
For more information on Rationale go to their web site at
File \ Open will open files of Argumentative (XML) format ending with extensions *.AXL and *.XML.  The Reason!able format *.RE3.
Introduced Version 0.1.0
Arauctura is a Java based tool that analyses arguments.
Arauctura has a mature DTD and an online database with scores of examples.
The underlying structure requires co-premises
For more details go to:
File / Open / File type / Rationale opens files in the Rationale *.rtnl format.
For more information on Rationale go to their web site at Sample files may be found on the wiki.
Export will be available to a number of formats.  Rather than write code to perform the export within the Argumentative software, most exports will be handled through XSLT.
MS Word
Microsoft Word export now uses RTF files to export.
The transform file "RTF with picture.xslt" in the same directory as Argumentative controls the format of the export.
MS PowerPoint
Exporting to a PowerPoint document will require PowerPoint to be installed on the local machine.
XSLT (eXtensible Style sheet Language for Translations) translates XML files, such as the AXL format created by Argumentative into an other format.
Files defining the translation are XSL files. They end with the extension XSL or XSLT.
These examples are intended to be extended and will provide a good starting point.
The file text.xslt translates an AXL file to text.
toFreemind.xslt translates to a FreeMind mind map.  Please note you can copy and paste to and from Free Mind and MindManager.
essay.xslt translates the argument to a rudimentary essay.
web page.xslt renders a very basic web page.
boxy web.xslt gives an additional method of viewing arguments with nested boxes.
RTF Export.xslt creates a Rich Text Format file with basic formatting that may be opened in Word or other word processors.
RTF with picture.xslt is similar to RTF Export but with the addition of a bitmap of the whole argument.
web page with image.xslt creates a web page with an image map that links to element text.
svg.xslt produces Scalable Vector Graphic file which may be viewed in a SVG viewer. Has been tested with Inkscape 0.44
There are a number of tutorials available for XSLT including:
Current Element
Exports the current selected element and all the elements below it as a complete Argument map.
Print gives the choice of the Graphical view and the text view.
Print Preview
Previews the Graphical view.
Recent Files
Shows the last files opened. The number of files may be changed in the Edit / Options / General tab.