Numerous tools have been used to produce Argumentative
Microsoft's Visual C# with .Net 1.1 has been used to produce this software. Although my preference is to use Open Source tools, I have used this project to make sure my C# skills are up to scratch.
The next release will move to .Net 2 and will use the version of .Net 2 C# released by Microsoft free of charge.
Unfortunately the change to .Net 2 will require an other large download (20+ Mb) with little to show for it.  As a bonus any .Net 1.1 software will not operate with the .Net 2 framework.
Microsoft's Common Object Model (COM) is used to export to PowerPoint.
The free movie/demonstration making software Wink has been used to document this project.
See related topics and documents
CamStudio 2.0 has been used to create ShockWave  movies with audio.
Help Compiler
HTML Help Workshop is available from Microsoft for free download.
NDoc creates documentation from comments within the C# source code.  NDoc is included in SharpDevelop.
NUnit is a unit testing framework.
Compression tool
7 Zip is used to create zip packages.
.Net 2
Upgrading to .Net 2 will allow new features to be added based on the newer framework.
Releases beyond 0.4.1 will be .Net 2.
Generics and other new features will be used to increase the reliability and performance of Argumentative.
The XML facilities will also be updated using the .Net 2 framework.
The Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS) project on Sourceforge allows the creation of self contained installation packages.
See for more details
NetSpell 2.1.7
.Net Spell Checker
To export in PDF currently it is recommended you use one of the free PDF print drivers such as Cute PDF or PDFCreator on Sourceforge (
XML Copy Editor
Used to create XSLT example files.
#Develop is an Integrated Development Environment for .Net.  It is Open Source and is well written.  The Beta versions have been produced using #Develop.
Versions beyond 0.4.1 will be from #Develop.
SVG Icons
The SVG Icons project is a source of future graphics for Argumentative toolbars and tree lists.