Graphic View
All elements are shown in a top-down tree style view.  The different elements
The View menu allows you to turn the view off.
View / Orientation lets you change between the four different views.
Edit / Options lets you change the format of the view.
R Notation
R Notation is a different style of presenting an argument map.  It is an attempt to emulate a more traditional style. Instead of the text of each element, the element is represented by a letter (R for reason, O for objection and H for helper).
The text for the elements are added as a legend at the bottom of the view.
This view option allows you to see the structure of an argument without the noise of the supporting text. 
If you click on any element in the view, the text will be selected and highlighted in the Tree View.
R notation is loosely based on the notation used in Alec Fisher's book; "The Logic of Real Arguments"