Mind Mapping
There are a few main differences between Argument and Mind Maps.
  • Mind Maps deal with concepts and their relationships whereas an argument map is constructed from a premise with a number of reasons and objections.
  • Argument maps use complete sentences (or should) whereas mind maps should use as few words as possible.
The tree structure used by Argumentative maps corresponds well to the structure used by the mind mapping software.  Cut, copy and paste has been tested between Argumentative and MindManager as well as FreeMind.
Mind mapping may be used to outline the domain of an argument, the related issues and concepts. Mind mapping may be used for the brain storming and may give the greater context of where an argument fits.
There are a number of good programs for Mind Mapping available.
FreeMind is open source and can be found at http://freemind.sourceforge.net
MindManager is commercial and can be found at http://www.mindjet.com